POWER C EXPERT gel 100 ml

Antioxidant gel with active vitamins C, A and E specially designed for hardware cosmetology. Contributes to effective correction of wrinkles, rosacea, dull complexion, brightens the skin. Increases elasticity and tone, evens skin color, makes the skin glow and smooth, tightens and brightens pores, renews and regenerates the skin. Moisturizes and promotes moisture retention. Hyaluronic acid promotes intense deep hydration and restoration of hydrobalance. Contains a stabilized form of vitamin C in the form of a VC-IP complex, which, in synergy with vitamins A and E, has a complex effect on all skin layers, protects its cells from the harmful effects of free radicals, stimulates the production of young collagen and elastin, cell renewal, it also improves complexion. Contains a complex of 8 essential amino acids for the skin to help moisturize, nourish and regenerate skin cells. POWER C concentrate fights all signs of skin photoaging and prevents their appearance, increasing the resistance of cells to ultraviolet radiation. The activity and penetration of the concentrate is enhanced by physical factors such as sonophoresis, phonophoresis, microcurrent therapy, electroporation, cavitation, RF therapy, occlusive masks. The specially designed unique base of the gel facilitates contact with the skin and the sliding of the nozzle of cosmetology equipment for a more intense action of physical factors and deep penetration of the concentrate active substances.


  1. In protocols with hardware techniques (microcurrent therapy, electroporation, ultraphonophoresis, RF), apply 2 ml of POWER C EXPERT gel on the skin immediately before exposure. To enhance contact with the skin and sliding of the nozzle of cosmetology equipment during the procedure, add the required amount.
  2. In professional skin care programs and express protocols, apply 0.5-1.0 ml of POWER C EXPERT gel on the face, neck, decollete under the plasticizing alginate and cream masks, when performing a massage, before applying the cream).

Release form: 100 ml vial.

  • Lift Cocoon Mask 90 g

    Lift Cocoon Mask Lifting cocoon mask MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova 90 g

    Series for accelerated and comfortable skin recovery.
  • ProAge Sunblock SPF 50+ 50 мл

    Anti-aging sunscreen PROAGE SUNBLOCK SPF 50+ line MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova, 50 ml
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    Regenerating cream KELADERM ANTI COUPEROSE line MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova, 30 ml.

    UV EXPERT MOISTURIZER SPF 50+ sunscreen moisturizing cream-serum
    An airy cream specially designed for maximum protection against UVA/UVB rays. The innovative Uvinul® Easy component (combination of UV filters) guarantees broad spectrum protection with an SPF 50+ factor.


    The cream has pronounced regenerating, firming, decongestant, antioxidant and metabolic effects. Reduces wrinkles, redness, evens the color and firms the skin.
  • Ethereal Cleanser 400 мл

    Ethereal Cleanser cleansing milk line MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova, 400 ml

    The active concentrate is designed to restore the skin, improve trophism, stimulate regeneration, normalize the skin microbiome, provide anti-inflammatory action, for seboregulation, to improve microcirculation, and restore the protective epidermal barrier.
  • COLLAGEN ACTIVЕ concentrate

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  • Anti Age VC-IP Mask 150 ml.

    Anti Age VC-IP Mask intensive rejuvenating mask from the MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova 150 ml

    Massage face cream has a unique transforming texture: in contact with skin, the cream turns into oil, providing a flawless and long-lasting glide for performing various massage techniques with the ability to adjust the intensity of pressing.
  • AQUA EXPERT lotion 200/400 ml

    Moisturizing lotion with hyaluronic acid and inulin quickly restores the skin hydro-balance and pH level. Low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid penetrates deeply into the skin, providing instant hydration. Inulin prebiotic restores a healthy skin microbiome, relieves irritation and dryness.

    An innovative cleanser for thin, sensitive, dry skin. The unique delicate texture of the emulsion turns into water in contact with skin, effectively removing impurities and makeup, including waterproof ones.
  • LIFT PEPTIDE mask 50 ml

    A unique rejuvenating mask significantly reduces wrinkles, the depth of folds, provides instant lifting, stimulates the proliferation of young cells, and restores the epidermis ability to regenerate.
  • ANTI AGE VC-IP mask

    Intensive anti-aging mask

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