Professional preparations for face and body mesotherapy

The SKINASIL brand assortment includes both mono-preparations and balanced combined cocktails. A variety of mono-preparations makes it possible to create cocktails immediately prior to the procedure, whereas combined cocktails offer ready-made solutions to tackle various aesthetic problems in view of individual indications.

The main advantage of the SKINASIL line is its high efficiency, based on the raw materials impeccable quality and high production technologies combined with strict quality control. Precisely calibrated compositions contain an appropriate and balanced content of active ingredients providing the targeted effect and giving a quickly achievable therapeutic result.

A line of mono-preparations and purposely designed cocktails for aesthetic problem correction. Strict compliance with the stringent production standards enables the Laboratory Thoscane (Russia) to release products of the highest quality. You can buy Skinasil preparations for mesotherapy from the Martinex company as well as from our official distributors.
  • СAVI Lift HA

    Regenerating rejuvenating meso cocktail based on hyaluronic acid and polynucleotides of caviar extract.

    A meso cocktail aimed at combating actively stages 3–4 cellulite.

    It contains an active ingredient complex that participates in lipolysis processes. Guarana, green tea and caffeine have similar pharmacological effects and therefore are used in combination with each other. In addition, green tea has a diuretic and decongestive effect.

    The MPX Lipolytic complex  is a combination of highly effective components for lipolysis which potentiate each other's action.

    It reduces the platelet aggregation ("stickiness") thinning the blood. Stimulates metabolism in  adipose tissue. As a result there emerges an active lipolysis and the tissue hypoxia decreases in the preparation administration area.

    Sodium deoxycholate is a bile acid salt with the ability to split fats. The LIPOCAT preparation has an intensive lipolytic effect, which is manifested to the utmost when administered subcutaneously.

    It is used either in a mono form or as a part of cocktails.

    Moisturizing, nourishing (owing to collagen hydrolyzate) and the skin elasticity increase. Elastin fibers — connective tissue protein — can stretch severalfold and recover their original state. Elastin hydrolyzate is a source of many useful amino acids such as glycine, alanine, valine, proline, lysine.

    It provides microcirculation improving.  It has a vasoprotective action. An antioxidant action. The preparation helps improve venous and lymphatic outflow in cellulite treatment.

    It increases the lymphatic vessels tone (manifests itself mainly in combination with vascular preparations). Indirect lipolytic (manifests itself mainly in combination with preparations splitting fatty acids). Cholagogue.

    Release form Ampoules of 5 ml Formulation Troxerutin, Asiatic Centella extract, artichoke extract, Melilotum officinalis extract, Bladderwrack extract; Indications...

    Release form Ampoules of 2 ml Formulation Purified water, thiamine (B1), nicotinamide (PP), pantothenic acid (B5), riboflavin (B2), pyridoxine hydrochloride...

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