Bioreparation or reparative regeneration is a new injection technique aimed at eliminating tissue damage caused by an inflammatory, traumatic or other destructive process, which was developed as a logical continuation of the hyaluronic acid use experience in clinical science. Bioreparation is aimed at fulfilling a serious task - to induce tissues to restore their original integrity by stimulating their cellular and humoral regenerative potential, as well as suppressing pathological inflammatory and destructive processes at the tissue, cellular and subcellular levels.
Dental HYALREPAIR ®-02 is produced by using a unique polymerization technology by means of physical impact - Solid-State Reactive Blending (SSRB).

Dental HYALREPAIR®-02 contains hyaluronic acid, salts of ascorbic acid and amino acids - L-proline, L-lysine hydrochloride and glycine. When injecting the gel, the targeted delivery of the necessary bioactive substances to the cells of the connective tissue, utilizing these metabolites as a building material, is carried out. The biocompatible material creates an optimal environment for the normal functioning of fibroblasts, synthesizing and secreting extracellular matrix proteins (collagen, elastin) and glycosaminoglycans.

Scope of application: therapeutic and surgical dentistry.

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