HYALREPAIR CHONDROREPARANT® is a line of unique injectable preparations designed for prophylactic use in cases of increased physical exertion, as well as with injuries and musculoskeletal diseases. There are no analogues to this offer on the market for injection products based on hyaluronic acid.

The unique properties of HYALREPAIR CHONDROREPARANT® make it possible to use it for medical rehabilitation and treatment of injuries in traumatology-orthopedics, rheumatology, neurology, sports medicine.

The preparations are based on highly purified solid-phase-modified hyaluronic acid with physically immobilized ascorbic acid, amino acids and oligopeptides.

These preparations are manufactured in the Laboratory THOSCANE (Russia), certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003 standards and licensed to manufacture pharmaceuticals in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 52249-2009 (GMP). The high quality of the preparation is maintained at all stages - from the purchase of modern equipment and high-quality raw materials from Japan and Europe, quality control at all stages of the production process to the continuity of logistics programs.

The MARTINEX company guarantees quality, safety and efficacy of HYALREPAIR CHONDROREPARANT® preparations, that has been proven by the results of preclinical trials and clinical studies in leading scientific institutions and specialized clinics.


  • Good tolerability and proven efficacy of HYALREPAIR  CHONDROREPARANT® in patients with musculoskeletal diseases

  • Convenient application scheme with increased intervals between procedures, that allows a specialist to determine the required number of injections per course

  • The possibility of increasing the patient's compliance when prescribing injection courses of intra- and extra-articular treatment thanks to the convenient application scheme

  • The only preparation based on stabilized hyaluronic acid and proteinogenic amino acids for injection treatment

HYALREPAIR  CHONDROREPARANT® is registered in the State Register similarly to competitive products - as a medical product (Registration Certificate No. FSR 2010/06572 dated 14.12.2012).

Injectable preparations were officially launched to the Russian market in 2013, and are actively gaining popularity among practicing physicians and specialists focused on science-intensive innovations in modern medicine.


    The only injectable form based on hyaluronic acid and amino acids with antioxidant activity, which suppresses tissue oxidative stress in the pathological zone and restores its reparative potential.

    The only injectable form based on hyaluronic acid and proteinogenic amino acids involved in the formation of collagen in connective tissue, which allows to start the processes of intraarticular and periarticular tissues restoration.

    Degenerative-dystrophic changes in the joints - grade I-III osteoarthritis.
    Post-traumatic arthritis.
    Postoperative rehabilitation - shortening the time.
    Extreme physical activity - prevention of osteoarthritis.

    Pathology of periarticular tissues
    degenerative-dystrophic and post-traumatic changes in the musculoskeletal system
    compression-ischemic neuropathy

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