Block Age Peel Gel

Block Age Peel Gel - chemical peeling based on retinoic acid 5%, has all the advantages of this group of products: complex effect on the skin and high efficiency, which is combined with the non-traumatic nature of the procedure and a short rehabilitation period. As a result of the procedure, the aging of the skin is slowed down along with a pronounced rejuvenating and brightening effect, and improved texture and relief of the skin.

Release form

Phase No. 1 (2.7 ml) - 5 pcs. and Phase No. 2 (2.3 ml) - 5 pcs. packed in cardboard case

For one peeling procedure, two vials are used (phase No. 1 and phase No. 2), the contents of which are thoroughly mixed before use.


The main unique feature of Block Age Peel Gel is dimethyl sulfoxide (50%), which is a part of the product and which significantly increases the permeability of all cell membranes for the main active ingredient - retinoic acid, which ensures the maximum effectiveness of the procedure.


  • Aging skin, wrinkles
  • Pitted acne scars, post-traumatic and postoperative
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Photoaging
  • Flaccidity of the anterior abdominal wall, inner surfaces of the shoulders and thighs

    Salicylicpeel JS (Jessner Peel) is a classic combined median peel, whose activity is determined by its constituent ingredients: lactic and salicylic acids, resorcinol. The effectiveness of Salicylicpeel JS depends on the technique of the procedure: the more layers of the peeling formulation are applied, the more pronounced the result.
  • Block Age Peel Cream

    Block Age Peel cream is a highly effective retinoic peeling with gentle action. The synergistic action of the peel components is aimed at eliminating pronounced signs of skin aging, hyperpigmentation, and photoaging. Peel for socially active people.

    Salicylic peel has a high degree of penetration, as well as a keratolytic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic effect. The popularity of salicylic peels in the second half of the XX century made it possible to accumulate a large amount of information about their effectiveness and the consequences of their use.
  • Mandelicpeel 40%

    Superficial peeling based on mandelic acid.  Has indirect antioxidant and moisturizing effects, as well as a pronounced bactericidal effect. This drug contains isopropyl alcohol (which has better keratolytic properties than ethyl alcohol).
  • Prepeel Lotion

    PREPEEL LOTION Lotion is designed to prepare the skin for chemical peeling. It has a cleansing, degreasing, and keratolytic effect. Evens out the surface of the skin and gently lowers the pH, creating conditions for uniform penetration of the peeling formulation.
  • ТСАPEEL 15% AND 25%

    Classic formulation for superficial-median and median peelings.
  • Neutralizator Gel

    Medic Control Peel NEUTRALIZATOR gel is intended for neutralization of peeling formulations based on AHA acids.

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