HYALUFORM® Hydro booster

Release form
Syringe with a sterile preparation of 1.5 ml

Unstabilized biotechnological hyaluronic acid, 10 mg/ml

  • fine wrinkles;
  • dry, dehydrated skin;
  • thin, atonic skin;
  • prevention and correction of skin photodamage;
  • preparation of the skin for HYALUFORM® Lift booster injections;
  • preparation and rehabilitation of the skin during plastic surgery, laser resurfacing, chemical peelings, fractional laser thermolysis
The preparation for biorevitalization, which has a pronounced moisturizing and restructuring effect, creates a moisture reserve in the skin and an optimal medium for the proliferation and migration of dermal fibroblasts.

Clinical effects
Skin hydration; increasing skin tone and turgor, smoothing wrinkles; harmonised, "velvet" complexion; elimination of fine wrinkles

Papules, tuberous, linear

Recommended course
4-6 procedures 1 time every 14 days
  • HYALUFORM® Deep Booster

    A unique biorevitalizant for skin hydrolifting. 50 mg of high molecular hyaluronic acid with uniform molecular weight distribution using solid phase stabilization technology without additives and impurities. The golden proportion of beauty.
  • HYALUFORM® Lift booster

    medium and deep wrinkles.
    Normal, oily skin.
    Thick, atonic skin.
    Decreased skin elasticity and tone for the purpose of lifting.
    After application of HYALUFORM® Hydro booster to ensure prolonged hydration of the dermis at the end of the treatment course.
    Atrophic scars, post-acne, stretch marks.

    A new generation of HYALUFORM® biorevitalizants based on hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of 2 million DA and a uniform molecular weight distribution

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