HYALUFORM® Deep Booster


Hyaluronic acid, stabilized, 25 mg/ml.

Release form:
Syringe with a sterile preparation of 2 ml.

Stabilized hyaluronic acid for prolonged hydration of the dermis. Hyaluform® Deep Booster - a unique biorevitalizant for skin hydrolifting - 50 mg of pure high molecular hyaluronic acid without additives and impurities using the technology of uniform molecular weight distribution. The latest development for 3D-remodeling of the dermis, allows to retain life-giving moisture even in the deepest layers of the skin.

Product advantages:

  • the latest development for instant biomodelling of the dermis;
  • effective delivery of moisture even to the deepest layers of the skin;
  • activation of fibroblasts;
  • ideal solution for pronounced rejuvenation of difficult areas;
  • high efficiency with a minimum of injections;
  • a comfortable procedure for the patient without pain, marks and bruises.


1. As a means of preventing the appearance and correction of the following aesthetic skin imperfections:

  • Decreased skin turgor and tone due to biological and photoaging *.
  • Wrinkles and folds (nasolabial, labiomental folds, wrinkles of the neck and hands)*.
  • Ptosis of soft tissues of the face, shoulders *.
  • Atrophic scars, including stretch marks, post-acne *
2. Providing prolonged hydration of the dermis.

3.Preparation and rehabilitation of the skin during laser resurfacing, chemical peelings.
* at any degree of intensity.

 Application areas: face, body.

General clinical effects.

  1. Moisturizing and revitalizing effect.
    A special characteristic of Hyaluform® 2.5%
    Deep Booster is an extremely high hygroscopic potential, which allows to maintain the necessary and natural skin hydration and turgor level. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for tissue density, performs an extremely important function in the three-dimensional organization of the intercellular matrix components, allows to achieve a significant increase in the hydrodynamic volume of the dermis, as well as to strengthen the structure of connective tissue fibers of subcutaneous fat, and has a long-term restructuring effect. Hyaluform® 2.5% Deep Booster naturally integrates into tissues and over time undergoes complete decomposition to carbon dioxide and water.

  2. Fibroblasts activation
    As a result of Hyaluform® 2.5% Deep Booster injection, an optimal medium is created for the proliferation and migration of fibroblasts, the synthesis of collagen and other components of the extracellular matrix.

  3. Antioxidant effect Due
    to the peculiarities of its chemical structure, hyaluronic acid has the ability to capture and inactivate free radicals, blocking the oxidation chain mechanism. Hyaluform® 2.5% Deep Booster, when injected intradermally, protects the intercellular matrix of the dermis from damage, and the hydrolipid layer of the epidermis from peroxidation, preventing impairment of the barrier function of the skin.

Recommended course of Deep booster:
2-3 procedures.
Frequency of injection: Once every 4 weeks.

  • HYALUFORM® Hydro booster

    Fine wrinkles.
    Dry, dehydrated skin.
    Thin, atonic skin.
    Prevention and correction of skin photodamage.
    Skin preparation for HYALUFORM® Lift booster injections.
    Preparation and rehabilitation of the skin during plastic surgery, laser resurfacing, chemical peelings, fractional laser thermolysis.
  • HYALUFORM® Lift booster

    medium and deep wrinkles.
    Normal, oily skin.
    Thick, atonic skin.
    Decreased skin elasticity and tone for the purpose of lifting.
    After application of HYALUFORM® Hydro booster to ensure prolonged hydration of the dermis at the end of the treatment course.
    Atrophic scars, post-acne, stretch marks.

    A new generation of HYALUFORM® biorevitalizants based on hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of 2 million DA and a uniform molecular weight distribution

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